Child Support

Each parent has a legal duty to support minor children. The factors to consider in establishing the amount of support require an experienced attorney’s guidance, because that figure may remain in effect for years to come. It is always more expensive to maintain two households (versus a single household) when parents separate. The calculation of support can only consider the incomes of each parent, thus your expenses may need to be modified to account for this obligation. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has established Guidelines when calculating each parent’s obligations to support children. An attorney’s explanation of how the often-complex Guidelines operate –implemented by a Domestic Relations Office– is instructive and can ensure that a fair order is entered.

Court procedures established by each county’s Domestic Relations Office often are confusing and burdensome. Attorney Bernstein regularly represents clients in Lehigh and Northampton counties and can guide a client through the process that often requires attendance at two or three tiers of conferences, hearings and appeals at the county level. Often, a child has special needs and extraordinary expenses that must be considered in addition to a basic level of support. Daycare expenses have become a necessity for many households and are to be shared.

Ultimately, the Court attempts to achieve a satisfactory result, but certain information needs to be properly considered as only an experienced attorney best knows how to assure that a correct amount is fairly calculated.