Civil Litigation

Attorney Bernstein has conducted a general practice since 1978. His emphasis on civil litigation, as opposed to criminal defense, for example, has included many types of civil actions including contract disputes, boundary disputes, real estate matters, landlord-tenant actions, debt collection or defense, property damages, personal injury cases, auto accidents, slip and fall actions, unemployment compensation appeals and other types of cases often involving monetary damages.

Most civil cases, particularly those classified as torts, generally involve elements of an underlying legal duty to another person, a breach of that duty and resulting damages. Attorney Bernstein takes the time to work with you to explain whether a remedy exists for the perceived wrong and how to organize a reasonable path to recovery, or how to assert a defense to a claim that has been filed against you.

A general practice law office also helps people to identify early when it may be necessary to select and form a business entity to better pursue or defend against claims in our ever-changing business world. Examples of common business entities include the corporations, limited liability companies or partnerships and professional corporations. Advice from accountants and tax advisors is important in this process. Family businesses are the backbone of our community. Often people prefer to proactively pursue business solutions to protect personal assets and that will prevent one from becoming involved in potential future expensive and time-consuming civil litigation.

Legal research and discovery of the pertinent facts are necessarily involved in civil matters. The entire process may take months or years to achieve a fair and reasonable outcome. Similarly, you need to defend your property and yourself against unsupportable claims. The legal analysis to effectively pursue or defend against a claim requires an involved and informed client. A variety of fee arrangementsĀ is available to achieve the desired outcome depending upon the type of civil action involved.